Water is a simple molecule made up of two hydrogen atoms bonded with an oxygen atom. However in the documentary F.L.O.W., water is anything but simple. Every year people waste 30 billion dollars on bottled water. People have a strange belief that bottled water is safer to drink than tap water. The truth is though that bottled water is not as regulated than water that comes from the tap. Also bottled water can contain chemicals and bacteria that are not found in tap water. A person can only survive around 2 days without water. Water companies know this and decide to sell water for an unreasonable prices because the company knows people will have to buy it in order to survive. Bottled water companies take advantage of people like Nestle. Nestle takes advantage of people in Michigan where Nestle has their water pumping service. Nestle is taking the water, which neighbors say is diminishing the water supply in the wells and is running the land dry. This is because 450 gallons of water a minute is being pumped out of the streams. Nestle was put into a law suit, which stated that Nestle was stealing water from the local people and then trying to resell that water Nestle took. Although the company was put into court, the company still believes that Nestle is not at harm. Nestle thinks that the massive amounts of water pumping is not affecting anything and that the farming and agriculture is wasting more water. Nestle reported that an expert was hired to inspect the water quantity available. People found out though that there is an extreme change in water amounts though and that is dropped. This drop not only affecting the neighbors whose wells are running dry but also for the ecosystems that live in the lakes and the streams. Water is an essence of all life and without water organisms cannot survive. With a third to two-thirds of the quantity of water in lakes and streams being dropped, organisms have to fight to maintain a healthy amount of water to thrive. Nestle is not helping any resident of Michigan, whether the resident be a neighbor in a house or a neighbor in a lake. Nestle is taking the water that is native to the land, bottling the water, having harmful chemicals added after a lack of regulation, and then selling the water back to the people for an unreasonable amount. The people are forced into buying this water not only for the lies of thinking the water is cleaner, but also because the people’s wells ran dry from the bottling of the water. Water is pure, but the practice of water companies is anything but pure.