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Malala is not a powerful man with money and security. Instead Malala is one of the bravest activists in the world today who speaks about the injustice that some education systems give. Malala believes that girls should have the right to an education. Because of Malala’s activism, the issue on education inequality has been put into the limelight and can hopefully change.

In middle school I attended a public coed school and it was easy to see that some girls would be embarrassed of “being smart” and would not participate in class and fall behind. Instead the class conversations would be male dominate and usually the smartest person in the class would be a boy. At an all girl Catholic school, education is the most important aspect. Since boys are taken away from the picture, more girls do not feel embarrassed to participate in class discussions and can receive a greater education.

When a girl has an education, she has the chance to better understand the world around her. In my high school I have gained a greater understanding of a diversity of topics ranging from world religions, modern governments and society, and biology. One of the most important tools I have been taught though is how to write. Writing can change the world because it allows a way for a person to share her opinions and views.

If a girl cannot attend school, then she is limited the opportunities available to learn to write. If she cannot write then she is cannot always share her opinions that she gained from the lessons she learned in school. Women make up half of the population and if only males have an education, then there is an imbalance to the perspectives available. Women need to be equally educated because then they can help make the world better.

I thank Malala for being a brave individual and trying to let girls have a greater education. The work she did and the sacrifice she took have inspired people to make a change for the better.