Q1. My friends in Biology keep talking about this thing called Aquarius, what exactly is Aquarius?

A1. Aquarius is the first and only underwater research station located off the coast of Florida. Researchers (Aquanauts) can spend months living in Aquarius, while spending hours each day observing the ocean floor, examining sponges and coral reefs.


Q2. That is impossible. How can a person possibly spend months living on the ocean floor? How does Aquarius work?

A2. Aquarius lies 60 feet under the surface, with a life support buey overhead that supplies power and a generator for air. Pods are then used to transport materials like clothes and food to Aquarius.


Q3. Why should I care about Aquarius?

A3. Working underwater is almost impossible because of the time restrictions before people run out of air and how the pressure increases as a person travel further down. WIth Aquarius people can spend however long the person needs.


Q4. If “Under the Sea” is my favorite Disney song, am I qualified to go to Aquarius?

A4. Unless you are also a scientist or technician wishing to learn more about the ocean floor and want to bring to ocean closer to the public by having online conversations with biology students, I would have to say no.


Q5. I am thinking of having my next party at Aquarius but am worried about the size. How many people can occupy Aquarius?

A5. Only four researchers and two technicians can occupy Aquarius at any given time. A large social gathering at Aquarius may not be the best idea. Also Aquarius is not quite open to the general public at this time and strictly for educational  and research purposes or astronaut training.


Q6. I can require very specific living conditions, can you elaborate more on the accommodations Aquarius has to offer?

A6. Aquarius has a very luxurious size of the average school bus and is fully equipped with beds, a kitchen, and a livestream camera watching your every move


Q7. If I am addicted to the internet will living in Aquarius be a problem for me?

A7. Do not worry, Aquarius has lightning fast internet so you can keep tweeting and running a very successful blog.


Q8. I am worried that when I try to come up to the surface I may die, should I have this concern?

A8. Not at all, before anyone is allowed to go back to the surface, each person must go through the lengthy (17 hours) process of decompression because your body is too saturated.


Q9. What if my question is not answered here?

A9. Check out this website for more information. http://aquarius.fiu.edu/about/