Monthly Archives: April 2014

On April 30th my class got to squeeze in one last field trip of the school year. We went to a new company named Zspace, which specializes in 3D learning.


We were the first ever class to go to Zspace itself and try the new technology. We felt like celebrities when we got the grand tour of each cubicle and then photographed throughout the whole experience. I could really see just how excited and proud the employees were with their work and how we responded to the fun new tool.


The technology we got to use was similar to a tablet that allowed us the chance for a virtual dissection of six different species. It was unique to see internal structure of different organisms, such as a sea star or lobster, and relate the material back to class. The technology was very cool and I am excited for how the company is going to continue to grow. One of my favorite parts of the tool was being able to virtually lift up each body part out of the screen and watch it on the projector. This was definitely the perfect way to spend my eighteenth birthday.



WARNING: This blog post has pictures of dissected fetal pigs and is not recommended for the squeamish.

All pictures were taken by the wonderful Hannah Rajasekaran. Continue reading