It is funny to think how in February 2013 the thought of taking AP Biology my senior never occurred to me. It wasn’t until I was in my counselor meeting, with Mrs. Calamba encouraging me to take it, that the idea became real. I remember it was exactly a year ago when my friend Grace and I were freaking out about the class and did not think it would even be possible.

But here we are second semester, May, post AP test. We actually did it. AP biology has been one of the greatest classes of high school for a variety of reasons.

Over the course i have had some fun times trying to learn how to use technology, going on field trips to the beach, writing and rewriting pGLO lab write ups, and of course dissecting a fetal pig.

You learn so much more than just biology in this class. You learn the many improper ways to study for a test (sorry Mrs. Brady and Mr. McKenna), the proper way to take a photo (horizontal not vertical), and how to collaborate as a group.

Of course the last reason this class was the best was the people in it. There may have only been 12 students in the class, but that never stopped us. We all became so close working on project after project together, responding to frantic Facebook posts at midnight, and last minute cramming during lunch. I am going to miss each and every one of my AP Bio rockstars.

Special shout out to Grace for being the best lab/project partner in the world. To Mana and my lunch group for somehow putting up with Grace and I’s constant excitement and AP bio jokes. I really do not know how you survived a year of terrible puns. And of course my parents for not even questioning my weird requests like driving an hour to pick up a puppy fetus from a vet or only squishing the head of a fly and keep it in our freezer for a weekend. Thank you Mrs. Girard for always believing in us and constantly reminding us to “geek out and not freak out”. She really is one of the best.

I am sad to see it go and will miss AP Bio block 3 and 7. Thank you.