Dear Bio Blog,

I remember the first day I met you. You looked scary, difficult, and like we were not going to be friends. I think I got the wrong first impression of you though, because although we have been through a lot together and you are not as bad as you first seemed.

Sure you are not exactly perfect. I mean who does not love typing in a URL that is how many characters? 37. But I can only blame myself because I thought it was a pretty cool name back in August, and I still kind of do today.

It has been quite a journey trying to figure out how to work you, especially from a lovely iPad. I remember the first time I tried to post something on my blog via iPad and it disappeared each time and I had to stay after school to try to fix it.

There have definitely been some hardships in this relationship, but there have also been some pretty great times as well. I am very proud of what I have turned you into. You started off as a blank white screen and now you are a glowing green masterpiece filled with biology references open to the public.

You are no longer scary or difficult to me, especially since there are many tutorial videos on the homepage. And I think you represent my work pretty. I am proud to call you my friend.

Yours always,